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One more thing you will quickly learn is she loves a challenge. Just tell her it can’t be done and she will prove you wrong, nine times out of 10. Why is this important? Because Mary makes sure Mineralogie’s mineral makeup is constantly evolving and growing to be the best 100% mineral makeup brand that will meet the need and expectations of each and every customer.

Starting Mineralogie in 2003, Mary’s quest was to bring natural and nourishing makeup to women’s complexions. She found her answer in minerals. Not just any minerals; the best pharmaceutical grade minerals available. She discovered early on the difference between minerals that were termed basic, good and the best. Of course, Mary opted for the best with a forethought that even these would improve. You see, high quality is paramount for Mary because she only knows how to do things one way – the right way.
Nourishment of the skin, sheer to complete coverage and, most important, total protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays became her quest and Mineralogie was born. A company dedicated to the highest quality mineral makeup with Mary’s signature, a Loose Mineral Foundation that provides a flawless, ‘I can’t believe I’m wearing makeup’ look while protecting the skin.

As a highly trained, well-respected and nationally renowned makeup artist to celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Lee Ann Rimes and Entertainment Tonight’s anchor Mary Hart, as well as a host of professional clients, Mary saw the ravages of conventional, over the counter, pore blocking makeup her clients had been using. She decided to make a difference to women everywhere. This was the catalyst for Mineralogie.

Personally, Mary prefers a natural makeup look as she is constantly on the move. Her passions of cycling, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and even participating in a sprint triatholon reinforce her need to continually formulate a natural mineral makeup that feels good on the skin yet provides color and can be worn by anyone, anywhere. A personal mantra – "Protect, nourish, hydrate and love your skin and don’t forget to add some color. Take care of what you have from the inside out."

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