Essentials - Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

4 oz Bottle
Mineralogie's Hand Sanitizer provides the protection that you need to stay healthy and fight off the common cold, flu and other infections. We've combined the power of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with natural botanicals used for thousands of years for their healing and antiseptic properties. Lemon and Lavender provide a light fragrance that leave the hands freshly scented, while the moisturization of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E keep your skin hydrated. Protect your body from germs, and protect your skin from damage.
70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Citrus Medica (lemon) Peel Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) Leaf Juice, Melaleuca Alterna Folia (tea tree) Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf (Eucalyptus) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
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